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In 1975, Dr Jim O’Grady, in conjunction with the Irish Grassland and Animal Production Association (IGAPA) initiated a one-day annual meeting for those involved in animal and grassland research in Ireland to present their research.

Scientists collaboration

The initial meetings were held in Teagasc Headquarters and later in UCD, (Lyons and Belfield). Later the annual meetings of both The Soil Science Association of Ireland and the Irish Tillage and Land Use Society joined in, and this combined group of research meetings operated under the banner of the Agricultural Research Forum.

In 2001 the Irish Agricultural Economics Society joined. Since 2001 the annual meeting has been held in Tullamore.

The Focus of the Annual Meeting of the ARF is to provide an opportunity for the presentation and publication of research results relating to agriculture in Ireland, including Animal and Crop Science, Environmental and Soil Science, Food Science, Agri-economics, Forestry and related topics.

The Emphasis is on the quality of the research presented. Particular encouragement is given to post-graduate and young research scientists to make presentations. The Forum provides an opportunity for researchers, advisors, administrators, managers, commercial representatives, etc., to meet, discuss the results presented and exchange views.

Over the years this meeting has provided an excellent platform for many Irish scientists to present the results of their research. Many of the technical developments now part of Irish agriculture were initially presented as papers at meeting of the Agricultural Research Forum or its predecessors.

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